Holiday in 3 days. Thank god!

Keeping with tradition, Pepper and I are off on holiday. Again. Some people seem to think we go a lot, maybe we do, I don’t know. It’s fun though, can think of worse ways of spending money. We’re off to sunny Portugal which will be rather good considering it is raining and cold and miserable here.

What’s new in my world? Ummmm, not a lot. Busy with work still but looking forward to the  time off, I would take my laptop but I think a certain Miss Pepper would kill me before we got to the airport. 0605 we’re flying, how rubbishly early is that. We’ll get about 4 hours sleep before needing to get up again.

Am still working through more and more Faces of Disco and Liam Collins work and I am getting there slowly. Hopefully there will be a few changes to the Faces site before I go on holiday – if I can find the time. Once back from Portugal, I will start the task of working on Liam’s own Company websites – something I am itching to do, new challenge and all that!

On a sour note, I found out today that £750 = €827. Not good, going on holiday in Europe is just too expensive at the moment.

I probably won’t write on here again before going away but I will do a massive photo upload when we get back.

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No wedding in Budapest sadly…

Well, me and Pepper are back from Budapest and what can I say? I loved it there. The gritty communist architecture and the solemn almost hardened look on the older Budapestians was just like nothing I have seen before. I have been to many different cities but Budapest was for me the best yet.

It was bloody cold but that didn’t ruin our Valentines weekend at all, it made the photos a little dull and stale, some blue skies would have been nice but overall it was amazing. I think both me and Pepper agreed that we would go back, maybe when it is a little warmer though…

And no, Pepper didn’t find me a gypsy wife. Damn!

Below are some photos from our trip, I took over 700 so this really is just a snap-shot. I also decided that I don’t think I want the 24-105 Canon lens, it just doesn’t cut it compared to the 24-70, enough of the geek talk. Here are the photos!


Budapest here we come!

Well, me and Soph are going to Budapest on Friday for Valentines, romantic eh? It was all Pepper’s idea as well which was cool and she’s paying, how great is that.

We are not both anxiously waiting to see which one of us marries a gypsy first, it seems our fancy 4 star hotel is in the rather poorer district of Budapest which has a high gypsy population. Watch this space for news and wedding photos.

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