Ben Hennessy – Back in Team MPPIX

Good news, I am back in the Team MPPIX fold… after a few years with MPPIX, then a few years away, I am once again back and with new role and responsibilities. I’ll still be going to rallies taking photos but I’m also now responsible for the brand new website and keeping it update and sparkly clean. Mark now refers to me not only as a lazy shite, but also as the web monkey which is nice.

The site, like this one, is based around a WordPress site but with a few more static pages as well. Mark has all the galleries hosted separately which makes things a lot easier.

Anyway, the new site is up now which you can find if you click here and my first proper event with MPPIX will be the Grizedale stages on the 5th Decemeber – watch this space for MPPIX news as well as some shots from the event.


Random Photos of the Day

It has been a while since I did this, months actually – my bad – so today I am going to add a few photos. They are my attempt at creating a model village using Photoshop. You can buy a lens that creates the same effect but I use PS, it’s cheaper.

Here is a site explaining how to do it. There is also a Flickr group devoted to it. Go there, go now!






Random Photo of the Day

Continuing with my new tradition of adding something visual each day, today is the turn of a photograph. It’s a photo I took at Wales Rally GB (rallying is one of my big loves, enables me to combine two of my favourite interests in one go) and this is a photo which stood out for me. It might not be technically brilliant, but I like it and I think that as long as a photograph is liked, that’s all that matters.


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Decisions decision – Canon 24-70 or 24-105?

I am currently pondering over a Canon 24-70 lens and the Canon 24-105. The 24-70 is one of the best lenses I have ever used (some sample pics from it below) and I do dearly want one, but since our economy buggered up, prices have shot through the roof meaning its not quite so good baby brother is far more affordable now. So, I am currently hiring a 24-105 to try it out, going to take it to Budapest as well, so photos will appear when I get back.

Both seem like amazing lenses and both have their advantages, the 24-70 is a f2.8 lens whereas the 24-105 is an f4. The flip side is that the 24-105 has wider reach but then it is considerably smaller as well.

Who knows what I will decide. Will see how I get on in Budapest and go from there I guess.

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