New logo for bh design

Well, it must be a time for change, or something in the water. Since moving to Kintbury, I have designed 3 new logos for bh design, completed 2 redesigns and lost the will. I have also completely redesigned my dating site and taken on 2 redesigns for 2 of my best customers. Is it madness, or is it something in the water? Soph does say the water smells funny…

Anyway, bh design now has a glorious new logo, which I have affectionately called the splodge. It came about by accident really whilst redesigning the one 4 me, I was playing with splodges (there are lots in the design) and I just had an idea to put my current logo type in one and bobs your uncle and all that. We have the new logo as seen below. It was a big decision to redesign it, I was more than happy still with the one designed by a friend of mine a few years ago but I felt like a change, I wanted to push my company into a new direction and felt I needed to do something with it.

Here it is anyway, I would invite you to comment, but you can’t as I have comments turnd off, damn those spam bastards.

bh design splodge

I should also mention that there is spangly new website to go with the new logo – please go there now and tell a friend!! www.bh-design.co.uk

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